Komedyanteng si Tess B., inireklamo ang kanyang kapitbahay na mahirap pakiusapan!

Actress-comedienne Tess B. went to the program of Raffy Tulfo herself to complain about the owner of the one of the eateries in their barangay. The said owner laid out a table that blocks the way of the people and vehicles. In addition to this, the arrogant owner even wrote profanities on a mirror to provoke the people complaining about her table.

Tess said that the owner’s eatery is inside, therefore, the table outside does not really serve any purpose. She, and the other residents of the barangay, only wanted for the owner to move her table yet she refused to do so for the sake of annoying them.

They sent a complaint letter to the office of the barangay chairman. A week had passed and they were told that the barangay captain already attempted to talk to the owner of the table thrice yet she still ignored it thrice as well.

Tulfo contacted Melanie Laude, the desk officer of Brgy. Mayamot, to tell them that if they could not do anything about the situation, the program team would do the necessary action.
Laude said the complaint was already taken care of. She said that the barangay captain had sent a letter to the owner.

But Tulfo said that there is no need for them to sent out a letter. What they should do is to confiscate the table and keep it with them until the complainant and the owner finally talk face to face. Tulfo said that what the owner was trying to imply was that the authorities do not have any power over her.

Tulfo also contacted Chief Supt. Villaflor Banawagan, the Chief of Police of Antipolo PNP to ask for assistance. Banawagan assured that they would be the one responsible in taking the table away.
The staff of the program, together with the PNP, accompanied Tess back to Brgy. Mayamot to do the necessary actions.

The authorities immediately confiscated the table and put it back in their mobile. They also managed to talk to the other residents and asked them to move anything that could block the people and vehicles’ pathway. They also confiscated the mirror with a profanity written on it.

But it seemed like the owner was not happy about what happened. She went on muttering snide remarks. “Magbago na tayo. Tama na parinig. Ang tatanda na natin. Huwag tayong ganyan,” Tess said. They tried to calm the owner but she went on with her remarks.
Tess thanked Raffy Tulfo and his team for the quick response.


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