PANOORIN: Nakakaawa pero nakakatawang viral video ng estudyanteng na-stuck ang ulo sa grills ng classroom!

For some reason, Filipinos always find something to laugh about in some situations where another person is suffering. No, don’t worry, we are not talking about something serious.

In our own social circle, we will always have that one friend who tends to do things carelessly, without even thinking about the possible consequences of their action.

Like what this female student did to herself.

A video went viral online after many netizens reacted to this certain incident where a girl was seen struggling to get her head off of a window grills.

It is unknown why the girl did it in the first place. Based on the video, the grills serve as a window of the classroom. The metal bars were positioned diagonally with narrow spaces in between.

For some reason, the girl managed to insert her head in between those narrow spaces. But unfortunately, she had a really hard time getting her head off the grills.

Her friends were gathered together trying to help her. But it was clear that everyone found the incident hilarious because they could not stop themselves from laughing.

One of them even sang the jingle of a paint commercial with the lyrics,

“Habang buhay, ako sa iyo’y maghihintay,” which seems fitting because the girl was in a similar situation than that of the old convicted man in the commercial.

The poor girl was outside their classroom while her friends were inside, trying their best to push her head out of the grills without seriously injuring her.

At first, the girl was still trying her best to smile and make fun of the situation she put herself into.

But a few minutes had passed and she was still stuck in the grills. The realization that she might not get her head off her entrapment slowly dawned on her.

The girl was starting to get emotional due to fear of what might possibly happen to her if they failed to take her out of her entrapment.

Since the metal bars were positioned diagonally, the student’s head was also tilted to the side. You could just imagine the feeling of soreness on her neck due to its awkward position.

Her friends were trying to lift her head upwards as to position it to the part where the metal bars have the ample amount of space in between. The girl was already standing on her tip toes.

Another friend of hers went outside to try and pull her head off of the grills.

The girl started screaming and sobbing.

After a couple more tries, her friends successfully got her head off of the grills.

The all started laughing, including the poor girl.

Watch the full video here:

Paanong napasok ang ulo mo jan te? hahahah

Paanong napasok ang ulo mo jan te? hahahah(c) Roy Acosta III

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