Caretaker ng isang poultry farm, ipinakulong dahil nagnakaw diumano ng saku-sakong itlog!

A caretaker of a poultry farm was accused by his employer of stealing sacks of eggs and cooking a tray of eggs for his co-workers.

He was sent behind bars for 24 hours and was bailed by his aunt who had to sell their goat so he could be free. In addition to that, before he was sent behind bars, his employer took the money amounting to P13,000 in his bag as a means of compensation for his alleged stealing. The employer also took his phone and removed its sim card.

Through the help of Ben Tulfo and his program Bitag-Kilos Pronto, they contacted the employer being complained about named Jocelyn Reyes, owner of Star Farm.

According to Jocelyn, the caretaker was the most trusted lead man of the farm. They gave him and his family a house and a mini sari-sari store. But they did not expect that the caretaker would commit such act.

Jocelyn said that the caretaker himself already confessed about what he did back in the barangay hall. She said that he started back in December, stealing ten to fifteen trays of eggs. According to Jocelyn, even the stores where the caretaker allegedly sold the eggs already confirmed her accusations.

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The caretaker was brought to the barangay hall by Jocelyn’s husband who then complained that he was stealing eggs from their farm. He said that he was immediately detained then was forced to admit that he did the act.

He said that there were no truths to this allegations and asked if there were any evidence or witnesses of him committing an act but they could not produce any. He explained they were only taking eggs they were going to eat inside the area, not to sell outside the farm.

Ben Tulfo asked Martin Diño, undersecretary for barangay affairs, for help in the caretaker’s situation. According to Diño, the caretaker should not be forced to admit of committing an illegal activity under the allegations of the barangay without the presence of a lawyer.

He also said that they cannot detain a person without explaining why he is being taken and can only detain a person when he is caught on the act.

According to Jocelyn, they were in the blotter area first and there the caretaker was interrogated if the allegations were true because there were witnesses. She said that he admitted of the act later on.

She said that he was detained in the cell for 24 hours because that was the agreement with the caretaker adhering to it.

But the caretaker said he never admitted or agreed upon anything.

According to Diño, a person cannot be detained for more than 6 hours and what happened was illegal detention.


To know the full the story, watch here.



Source: Youtube

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