Lalaki, inireklamo ang asawang hinabol siya ng itak, kinalmot, at hinampas ng bato sa ulo!

Looks life married life is not going well with this man who resorted to the program of Raffy Tulfo to seek help regarding his situation as a battered husband to his wife.

He said that his wife went home very late riding a motorcycle together with her friends at around 1:00 AM. He said that he had been contacting his wife through texts and calls since five in the afternoon but he got no response.


When he arrived home, he found out that their 3 year old child was not fed yet. Even their store was not in order. He found out that his wife left the house and their children unattended. Though his father-in-law was there, he is immobilized so he could not tend to the children properly.



When he opened the gate, his wife together with her friends entered their house, obviously drunk. He went out of the house and kicked the motorcycle. He asked for his phone from the woman. He said that they have a habit of exchanging phones to avoid suspicion in their relationship. But his wife smashed the phone on the ground.

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His wife chased him with a bolo in her hand. She first victimized their motorcycle, chopping its seat, the helmet holder, even the plate.

Fortunately, he was able to get away with his wife and her weapon. But still, he procured some injuries during their fight. He said that he tried to stop and calm his wife down while she was busy chopping their motorcycle into pieces.

But his wife managed to scratched him with her fingernails. In addition to that, his wife also got a chance to pick up a rock. He was holding both of his wife’s arms but still, the woman was able to smashed the rock onto his head, making the injured part swollen.

Tulfo called Raymond Castañeda, Chairman of Brgy. Pulong Buhangin to talk regarding the matter. Chairman Castañeda jokingly said that at this time and age, even husbands should start being careful of their wives, because of the increasing cases of husbands being maltreated by their partners.

Tulfo asked the man if he still wants to get back with his wife. He said that it is up to her. He stated that they had separated before because his wife had other affairs while she was still an OFW. She just begged him to take her back which he eventually did.

Watch what happened next when the couple finally had a confrontation:


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