Arnold Padilla, inilipat na regular na selda!

Arnold Padilla was finally moved to a regular cell.

You might remember the video that went viral on social media which shows a group of car passengers gathered to manhandle the poor traffic enforcers who stop them from violating the stop light.

The video is a CCTV footage. The group of Arnold Padilla, the one being accused of, got out of the vehicle and started screaming and intimidating the traffic enforcers. Padilla was with her live-in partner and personal bodyguards.

This video gained a lot of reactions from the netizens, with most, if not all of them siding with the traffic enforcers. They criticized Padilla and his group for treating the enforcers badly.

But Arnold finally face the appropriate punishment for his action.

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The police went to Padilla’s house in Magallanes Village carrying a warrant of apprehension. They searched Padilla’s house for suspicious objects. The officers succeeded in finding unlicensed firearms and other weapons in his own residence. Thus, finally sending him behind bars.

Unfortunately, according to some reports, he was not charged for what he and his company did to the poor traffic enforcers. Instead, he was apprehended because of illegal possession of firearms found in his home. According to the reports, Padilla faked his test for illegal substance use that is why his license was revoked.

Padilla is a big businessman and known to have many connections, may it be in politics or even in the underground business trade. He was the grandson of the late senator Ambrocio Padilla.

Aside from that, he also owns different businesses such as rental properties which are valued at a very high price. Their family also used to own a shipping line and a rice trading business.

According to some reports, Padilla profits up to a million peso every month from his rental properties alone.

But it seems like Padilla is not new to controversies anymore. Padilla’s family had been involved in various violent incidents in the past, with most of them being related to money and inheritance.

According to some sources, Padilla’s father allegedly confessed to ending her own sister’s life by planting an explosive in her car. The reason behind this is for him to inherit the properties that belonged to her.

This also happened with Arnold’s own sister. According to reports, Arnold and his mother conspired to end his sister’s life to again, acquire her inheritance.

With all of these dark incidents in Padilla’s life, it is rightful for him to serve his sentence behind bars.

Recently, Padilla was deprived of special treatment in the correctional facility and was moved in a regular cell at the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO).


Source: Updatedtayo

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