Dating OFW halos maiyak sa kilig sa pagsaklolo ni Bitag!

Being a part of the famous Tulfo brothers, Ben Tulfo also known as Bitag has this brusque image that somehow intimidates people in a good way. But despite this tough-talking and masculine image, people still trust him and seeks his help on a daily basis to find justice for their bad experiences.

Just like what happened to former Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Edita Delos Santos who seeks the help of Ben Tulfo to complain about her employment agency.

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According to Edita, she previously worked as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia but was never assisted by her agency when she is already experiencing maltreatment from her employer.

Edita said that her agent neglected her when she complains about not receiving salary and not being able to eat properly.

She now wants to seek help to retrieve her unpaid salaries and file a complaint to the employer and agency who neglected her.

When Ben Tulfo asked her agency’s name, she revealed that she is only negotiating with an agent instead of an employment agency institution.

Tulfo explained that this battle will be hard since there is no registered agency involved while explaining what might happen, Edita could not help but shed a tear and get emotional and hopeless about her case.

She revealed that on top of this employment issue, she is also having marital problems with her husband who she discovered having an affair with another woman while she is working hard and almost becoming a slave abroad.

Because of this, Ben Tulfo unleashed his soft and playful side by offering Edita some chocolates to try to ease her pain.





Watch the turnout of events below:


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