Empleyado ng shipping lines na inireklamo ng isang seaman, nagwala!

Marvin Paderanga went to BITAG-Kilos Pronto, a program headed and hosted by the veteran broadcaster, Ben Tulfo, to complain about the MVPC Shipping Lines, because it has been two months already, yet they still were not able to release his service. Marvin planned on working as a seaman.

He said that he has been going back and forth to the company for almost twelve times now just to finally have his documents, but they said that they would still have to find it.

Marvin already sought help from his agency, but they refused to help his case. They said that it was not their problem anymore and he should be the one to handle it on his own.

He asked the company if they could just make a new document for him, but they said that they could not do that since they already made one for him and they just have to look for it. He said that he should have his documents already last July 6 but the company said that they are still looking for it up until now.

Marvin already spent a big amount of money for his documents to be processed. He already paid P17,000 for it plus his total transportation and lodging expenses from his going back and forth to the company located in Manila. If his documents would not be released immediately, he would not be allowed to work as a seaman.

On August 28, the team of Bitag-Kilos Pronto accompanied Marvin to the Manila Police District Office to ask for assistance. Together, they went to the office of MVPC Shipping Lines to claim Marvin’s documents.

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The moment that the woman in charge of the office saw Marvin and his company, she immediately went hysterical and kept on saying, “Bawal po iyan!”

She kept on insisting that there’s really no problem at all and it was Marvin who was too lazy to process his own documents. The woman was already raising his voice to the police and to the Bitag team.

One employee asked the program staff to stop recording on camera what was happening. After a few more confrontations, another employee came carrying Marvin’s documents. She explained that the only problem with his documents is the spelling.

In the end, they were able to finally release Marvin’s needed documents.
Marvin thanked Bitag-Kilos Pronto for their fast response and provided assistance.

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