Empleyadong namimilipit na sa sakit, sumugod pa rin sa BITAG para ireklamo ang employer na hindi nagbibigay ng benepisyo!

Noel Esparcia resorted to Ben Tulfo’s program, Bitag-Kilos Pronto, to complain about his employer which does not compensate him with SSS, PhilHealth, and PAG-IBIG. Employers are required to deduct a certain amount to the employee’s salary and save it for their benefits.

These are considered mandatory protocol for employers.
Noel worked for Caravent Systems, Inc. for almost six years. But recently, he was not able to go to work because of his health concerns. According to him, he was getting painful cramps from his stomach.

Noel actually went to the program while still feeling sick just to complain about the unjust compensation he was getting from his employer. He said that it has been going on for two months now.

Tulfo interviewed Noel and his wife, Evangeline. Noel is also suffering from a bad hearing so Evangeline was the one who answered Tulfo’s question regarding the matter.

Evangeline said that it was a month ago when they last talked to Noel’s employer. The people from Caravent did not respond when the complainant asked them on why they did not bother to put savings in Noel’s SSS, PhilHealth, and PAG-IBIG.

Because of this, it was harder for Noel to handle the finances they needed to spend for the improvement of his health and hospital bills.

Evangeline said that her husband already lost a few weight due to his illness. Noel said that he was advised to undergo an abdominal x-ray and CBC by the doctor to further know what the complications are.

But the complainant could not afford to have these medical examinations knowing that they do not have any savings in SSS, PhilHealth, nor PAG-IBIG. In addition to this, Noel had to leave his work to rest, thus, he was not earning any income right now.

Ben Tulfo contacted Lilibeth Soralbo, Communications Analyst from the Social Security System, to ask for assistance regarding the matter at hand.

Soralbo advised them to finally file a formal complaint on Noel’s employer for him to claim a sickness benefit from PhilHealth, which would really help his medical finances.

Soralbo confirmed that these benefits are mandatory to all employers.
Tulfo showed his disappointment to those employers who refused to provide these benefits to their employees.

Tulfo assured Noel that their program team would accompany him in filing the complaint. He also said that Noel has to have a check-up from the hospital immediately as to avoid his condition being worse.

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