Armored van na dinedma ang pagsita ng enforcer, umani ng samu’t-saring reaksyon!

What is wrong with drivers nowadays, it seems that more and more of them are being caught on camera refusing to surrender their driver’s license whenever traffic enforces would flag them down for a traffic violation.

As what Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Task Force Special Operations Commander Col. Edison “Bong” Nebrija once said in one of his viral videos, a Filipino citizen’s driver’s license is not your property, it is a privilege given by the government to a person so he/she can drive a vehicle provided that he/she will also follow the law.

Recently, another arrogant and law-violating driver was caught on camera neglecting and disrespecting an MMDA enforcer.

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In the 1-minute and 30-seconds video clip posted by Facebook page Pinoy Trend, a traffic enforcer could be seen flagging down an orange armored vehicle number 6205. The enforcer seems already furious as he stood firmly in front of the armored vehicle.

Apparently, the armored van’s driver counter flowed in a congested road but refused to stop when the MMDA officer apprehended him.

Apparently, the driver of the armored vehicle refused to surrender his driver’s license when the enforcer flagged him down, at some point in the video, the driver almost ran over the enforcer as he continues driving even if the enforcer was in front and stopping him from moving.

When the video went viral on social media, netizens could not help wonder if armored vehicles exempted from following traffic rules? Well, the answer is NO.

This is because according to the Philippine National Police (PNP) Standard Operating Procedure No. 0125-S2012 issued on January 25, 2012 “these commercial armored vehicles must comply with the procedural guideline for vehicular accidents, traffic infractions and checkpoints involving commercial armored vehicle carrying a valuable payload is involved in an accident, its driver must immediately stop the vehicle and politely explain to the other party the urgency to proceed to their destination”.

Therefore, armored vehicles are not exempted from any liabilities and must comply to the same traffic rules governing all motor vehicles.

The said viral video drew mixed reactions from netizens, some expressed disgust over the arrogance exhibited by the driver while others defended him and said that it is just right that he did not stop since the vehicle carries loads of money that could be in danger if they stop.

Read some of the netizens comments below:





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Source: Facebook | Top Gear Philippines

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