Babae nag-viral sa social media dahil sa pinagawang ito sa kaniyang nobyo sa pampublikong lugar!

When asked what is their ideal man, a lot of women will surely enumerate a lot of characteristics which will probably include being faithful, honest, loving, caring, responsible, respectful, God-fearing and more. But let’s admit it, ladies, aside from all the good traits we are also looking for one who has even at least a little skills in taking good photos.


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Who does not want to have Instagram-worthy photos that you will cherish forever right? Being naturally artistic, women would love to have someone who can help them take their Instagram game to the next level.

But unfortunately, not all men are fond of taking photos or at least some of them don’t really have even a little skill in photography, but you know what they say, it is the effort that counts. Just like what this viral boyfriend exhibited in order to make his girl happy.

the video going rounds on social media right now, an Asian couple could be seen taking photos in what it seems like a “freedom wall” filled with vandals and doodles that turns out to be a nice background for photo opportunities.

But instead of taking the usual pose, smile, and shot kind of picture taking, the boyfriend could be seen leveling up his Instagram Boyfriend skills by actually serving as a “human tripod” to take Instagram-worthy selfies of her girlfriend. Isn’t that sweet?

In the video, it could be seen that the girlfriend is adjusting the guy’s arms while he is holding a camera phone and continuously taking the shot, she would move her arms like a normal tripod from time-to-time until she finds her perfect angle.

As the girl continuously do different poses and facial expression, the boyfriend could be seen being very patient and not even seen any trace of being tired, annoyed or irritated, he is just very patient even if his arms are literally hanging in the air for a non-stop 30-seconds.


In the end, both of them seems very happy and had a win-win situation for the girlfriend having wonderful photos and the boyfriend for making her girl happy and have a peaceful relationship.


Are you willing to this for your girl? Share us your thoughts in the comments section.




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