Binata nag-viral sa social media matapos mag-ala Spider Man sa ginawang ito!

Let’s admit it, during our younger years we have done tons of stupid things in our life. Some are due to peer pressure while others are just caused by our own plain curiosity. These unintelligent decisions in life somehow teach us a lesson no matter how deep or shallow the situation is and as the years goes by, we were able to laugh at these decisions and kept wondering why we have done it in the first place.

Just like what happened to this young man who filmed how his wrong decision in life totally went wrong and regretted it.

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In the video posted by Facebook user Charles Menos, he confessed that he has some stupid move that he totally regrets and that is entering their house through the windows.

Apparently, none of his family members is present when Charles arrived at home, the house is locked and he does not carry any spare key in order to get it.

And because there is a heavy downpour outside, Charles made the biggest decision of his life and try his luck to enter by the window, being thin and small framed, he initially thought he will fit the tiny window, but oh boy, he was so wrong as he got stuck in the middle of the window rails.

“Na-stuck ako sa bintana namin pu**** i**! Kasi nga umuulan sa labas, saka di nakabukas yung pinto, nakasara,” Charles said.

Akala ko kasha ako sa bintana, eh yung binatana naming may parang mga metal-metal na ganito. Kumasha yung kalahati ng katawan ko, pinilit-pilit ko, muntikan na akong di makahinga!” he added.

In the video, Charles could be seen covered in sweat trying to balance his body hanging on the window rails. At one point in the video, he obviously had a hard time and said that the chair from the other side of the window that is supporting his legs somehow gave up on his weight.

“Ang hirap pa lang ma-stuck sa bintana! Sana nag-stay na lang ako sa labas kahit na umuulan!” Charles said while panting and covered in sweat.

As he continues with his ordeal, Charles confessed that he has learned his lesson and will not do the same stupid decision ever again.

“Hinihintay ko na lang nanay ko, baka sakaling matulungan nila ako! Sana agahan nilang umuwi! Kala ko makakapasok ako eh, na-stuck naman ako! I will never do this again!” he added.






Watch his full video below:


Posted by Charles Menos on Monday, April 2, 2018

Part 2

Posted by Charles Menos on Sunday, April 8, 2018







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