Lalaki, gusto nang hiwalayan ang live-in partner na lasenggera at sugarol!

Lolito Valencia, a father of four children, went to the program of Raffy Tulfo to complain about his live-in partner who, aside from being dependent on betting activities, also spends too much of their money. Lolito believed that it would be better if the two of them would just separate.

He said that every time he would talk to his partner about the problem, she would opt to lie and deny his accusations regarding her betting activity, as well as her drinking sessions with their neighbors.

His allegations strengthened when he noticed that their money seemed to be not enough for their household expenses. Lolito said that before, P1,500 was already enough for their weekly expenses. But now, their budget of P5,000 to P6,000 seemed to be failing to support their finances for a week.

Lolito said that he did not have any opportunity to talk to his partner’s drinking buddies and ask them to just let her go because he is too busy working.

Tulfo contacted Emma Mendoza, Lolito’s live-in partner, so they could talk about the matter.

Emma admitted that she plays cards with their neighbors but denied on being a boozer. She said that she only drinks whenever Lolito is there.

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Tulfo told Emma about a law, stating that the custody of children below 7 years old would automatically go to the mother. But seeing the mother’s lifestyle, she is not suited for raising their kids properly. That is when the custody would go to the father. Given Emma’s constant betting and drinking, Tulfo warned her that she might lose their children’s custody.

Tulfo said that oftentimes, he advised couples with marital problems to not separate for the sake of the children. But in this case where Emma’s habit is badly affecting their relationship, he said that it might really be better if the two of them would just separate.

Tulfo said that if they proved that Emma’s betting resulted to her being a negligent mother, they would seek help from the authorities so that the children’s custody would go to Lolito.

But Emma said that they could even ask their neighbours and they would testify that despite her wagering and drinking, she never neglects her duties and responsibilities as a mother.

In the end, both of them agreed on separating, but they decided to discuss further matters in their barangay to settle their agreement.

The two of them talked about their issue. In the end, Lolito found out that Emma pawned their ATM for P5,000 without his permission. The children would be left with Emma since the eldest which is 11 years old chose to be with her mother.

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Nang dahil sa sugal at alak!!!

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