Nakakatawang prank at parody ng isang patalastas ng alak, viral sa social media!

Aside from being hardworking, resilient, and family oriented, Filipinos are also known for our natural wit and sense of humor. A family member or a group of friends will never be complete without a resident joker who always makes us laugh out loud with their effortless comical jokes.

This natural sense of humor is evident with the number of famous comedians who always gives us a dose of laughter every now and then; we have the late Comedy King Dolphy, the box-office king Vic Sotto, the unkabogable Vice Ganda, and many more, only goes to show that it is indeed “more fun in the Philippines”.

Because of the emergence of social media and other platforms, every Filipinos have now a room to share their natural comedic humor. We’ve seen a lot of YouTube content creators who already went viral on social media for their funny video and prank, recently the group named Tukomi is making some noise for their Taong Grasa in Sports Car Prank, and now another YouTuber is going round on social media for his epic challenge.

This is after YouTuber named “Mayor TV” posted an “Emperador TVC Prank and Parody” at the same time. Emperador is a popular liquor drink in the Philippines which is being endorsed by one of the country’s top leading action star, Coco Martin.

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One of his television commercial for the said liquor gave us a major LSS not just due to the brand jingle’s melody but also to the lyrics which relates our every trait of being a Filipino.

In his prank and parody video, Mayor TV recreated Coco Martin’s famous TV commercial wherein he is singing to the brand’s jingle while walking and meeting other people.

At first, it looks like the actor created a wonderful parody of the famous TVC complete with the presence of other people he meets in the streets and other establishments. But little did we know that there is a hilarious story behind the awesome TVC parody.

It turns out that Mayor TV does not know all the people he comes across the street while filming the parody video, he just came out of nowhere holding a bottle of liquor and started singing the famous brand jingle.

In the video, it could be seen how the onlookers and passersby oddly stared at him the minute he came to their scene and started singing weirdly. It’s so hilarious!





Watch the funny video below:


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