PANOORIN: Chinese na negosyante, sinigawan at pinagsalitaan ng masama ang empleyadong Pinoy!

The Facebook group named Tulfo Supporter Trending News posted a video of an interaction and confrontation between a Chinese National and a Filipino.

Many people are aware with the relationship of the Philippines to the country of China. It has been a topic of many debates especially in the field of politics.

Many people are against the idea of building rapport with China especially with them claiming islands that are supposed to be ours, while other people supports the decision of the president to actually make a pact with our fellow Asian countries.

Despite this, we are aware that many Chinese nationals have been residing our country for a long time now. We even have a place in Manila where Chinese families reside and where businesses ran by Chinese nationals are abundant.

The Chinese are known for being business-minded people that’s why some of the richest Filipino in our country do have Chinese ancestry. We could say that Chinese national really do take their business ventures seriously.

Filipinos on the other hand are hardworking employees. Some of them work with and for other nationalities and maintain a harmonious relationship with them.

But sometimes, conflict arises especially when it comes to businesses.

Take for example the incident that happened between a mad Chinese employer and her Filipino employee.

A video recently went viral as it showed a Chinese woman screaming at her Filipino employer. While the Chinese was already raising her voice, the Filipino man remained quiet.

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The caption of the video said:

“Eto po yung Chinese National na binastos at pinagmumura ang kababayan natin. Dayo lang ito sa bansa natin at kung manghamak ng Pinoy ganun ganun na lang. PASIKATIN NATIN TO PARA MA-DEPORT!!”

The employer was speaking in Filipino though some of the words she was saying was slightly unintelligible due to her accent. But based on context, the woman was mad at her employee because of his negligence on his job.

The man worked as a driver that delivers the goods produced by the woman’s business.

According to the employer, the driver did not inform her that he would not be available for the delivery. Thus, the goods were not delivered on time.

Chinese woman emphasized that she allows her employers to go out but only if they inform her of their absence, so she could immediately look for a replacement. But the man failed on giving her an excuse.

In the latter part of the video, the Filipino finally spoke and reasoned out.

The netizens were divided with their sentiments on the incident. Some say that both of them have their own fault: the Filipino being negligent on his job and the Chinese woman humiliating and treating her employee poorly.


Source: Facebook

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