PANOORIN: Pagragasa ng baha sa Baguio dala ni Bagyong Ompong.

According to records, an average of 20 typhoons enter the country every year, with 5 of them expected to be destructive.

Since we’ve already reached the -ber months, we could expect that there would be a surge of bad weather coming our way.

Last Saturday morning, Typhoon Ompong entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR). It made its landfall at around 2:00 AM in Cagayan province. It brought heavy rains and strong winds which toppled down some trees and structures such as houses and signages and caused the debris to fly and scatter everywhere.

According to reports, the northern part of the country, specifically the Luzon province, was the most affected by Ompong. The heavy rains caused some areas to be severely flooded. One of these areas is the city of Baguio.

Many people were surprised to know that a city located at a high altitude such as Baguio City would be flooded because of the strong torrential rain.

Some netizens were able to record a video of the weather situation in Baguio City.

A netizen named Jordan Rae Salinas, uploaded a video which showed the strong surge of flood in Camp 6, Kennon Road, Tuba, Benguet brought by the typhoon Ompong. The video already reached more than 250,000 views and 10,000 shares just two hours after it was posted.

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In the video, you could see that the typhoon is really taking effect on the city as it brought strong winds and heavy rains. The heavy flow of flood was almost reaching the roofs of the houses around.

The same thing happened in another video posted by Julie Pearl Bolasa which she sent to Bayan Mo, Ipatrol Mo. According to the source, the water was coming from the overflowing Bued River in Brgy. Twin Peaks, Tuba, Benguet at around 11:00 AM.

As of writing, the authorities had already announced that Ompong already left the Philippine Area of Responsibility. Nonetheless, people should still expect strong gusts of winds and heavy rains.

Authorities are reminding everyone to always keep safe amidst the calamities. Everyone is advised to stay at home and keep themselves updated regarding the weather. In this case, people are encouraged to always keep a stock of food and water in case it would be impossible and dangerous to go outside. Mobile phones should always be fully charged in case a power interruption occurs. Lastly, people should always prepare in case there is a need to immediate evacuate their area.


Source: Updatedtayo

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