Dalawang driver, nagkasagutan at nagsigawan dahil sa parking space!

It seems like everyday, we get to watch viral videos of incidents happening on the road, especially confrontations between vehicle owners and traffic enforcers.

But this time, the confrontation happened between two car owners. The reason for their conflict? Parking space

.A Facebook user named Jose Dimacali posted a very short video showing the driver that he was complaining about screaming at him.

According to the sources, the driver of the red vehicle parked his car in the wrong space. He parked the car horizontally, blocking the way of the other cars which are also parked in the same place.
According to the complainant, they waited for the driver for 30 minutes before they were able to drive their car outside. But prior to that, the two car owners had a heated confrontation.

The complainant claimed that the owner of the red car had the audacity to get mad even though he was the one at fault.

Based on the video, the owner of the red car screamed at the complainant saying “E anong pakialam ko kung kanina ka pa dyan?”

Though the two of them shouted at each other, it’s fortunate that no one started a fist fight.
Many netizens reacted to the viral video.

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Some people sympathized with the complainant saying that he has every right to get mad at the other car owner for what he did. Some even suggested a violent way to settle things which is very bothersome.

But other netizens chose to not side with the complainant. The video was noticeably very short, as if it was just cut to the part where the other party would look bad. The video did not capture the whole incident, but only the part where the owner of the red car screamed.

One netizen said, “Hindi porket ikaw ang nagpost nito papanigan kita. E bakit fake ang account mo boi? Takot ka ba at bakit hindi buo yung video mo? Kailangan din malaman yung katwiran ng kabila.”

Another netizen said, “Alam niyo ba pangyayari bago kayo magcomment at magshare?”

But in the comment section, a netizen claimed that he was there during the time the incident happened. According to him, the owner of the red car humbly apologized to the complainant in the beginning. He was quick to accept his mistakes. But it was actually the complainant who started screaming at the other driver over and over again. This might be the reason why the other driver had lost his patience.

What do you think really happened? On whose side are you on? Comment below!


Source: Updatedtayo

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