Gusali, gumalaw dahil sa lakas ng hangin dulot ng bagyo!

Super Typhoon Ompong had landfall in the Philippine Area of Responsibility last Saturday and exited the premises the same day evening. The typhoon had a huge effect in the country especially in the northern part of Luzon. Various provinces experienced heavy rains and strong gusts of winds and suffered from flashfloods.

According to reports, structures such as houses were destroyed during the typhoon.

The Typhoon Ompong exited PAR and entered the coast of China and Hong Kong on Sunday. The countries also suffered from the strong torrential rain brought by the typhoon which now go by the name of Mangkhut.

This typhoon is considered to be the strongest to hit the region this year. It has a maximum sustained winds reaching up to 200 kilometers per hour. It was expected to skirt the southern part of Hong Kong and veer west around the premises of the Guangdong Province in China.

Hong Kong authorities reportedly raised the typhoon signal to No. 10 because of the destructive nature of Mangkhut. The low-lying areas of the country were affected by the huge waves from the bodies of water. In addition to that, the strong winds brought by the typhoon caused the windows of various skyscrapers to rattle.

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It seems like even the strongest structures can fall victim to the overwhelming power of Typhoon Mangkhut. Many netizens had already posted videos of the effects and aftermath of the typhoon.

An example of this is a video uploaded by a Facebook user named Sita Limbu.


The poster was able to caught on camera the swaying movement of a building nearby caused by the powerful winds of Mangkhut. Netizens were both surprised and frightened on the possible dangerous effects of the typhoon.

This is also the reason why government officials chose to suspend and cancel any school and work-related activities to keep the citizens safe from the surging calamity.

Even the airports cancelled their flights to avoid any danger that could occur to the passengers and to the staff.

In Hong Kong, some residents were already evacuated especially those from the low-lying areas.

China already made necessary preparations as precaution to the incoming typhoon.

Ports, oil refineries, and industrial plants were already shut down and people were already informed that the power around the area might be reduced as a precautionary measure.

The people of China were very much concerned about Guangdong’s sugar output since the storm would definitely destroy the province’s sugar crops.


Source: ABS-CBN

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