PANOORIN: Magkasintahang hinuli ng MMDA, may pakulo pala sa huli!

A video of a couple who got into a road commotion because of their supposed traffic violation recently went viral on social media.

In the beginning of the video, the man was seen being held by traffic enforcers while his girlfriend was on the side trying to talk themselves out of the incident.

The traffic enforcers handcuffed the man. The woman, on the other hand, was already panicking because of what might happen to her boyfriend.

The traffic enforcers told the woman to enter their vehicle for a while. At first, the woman refused to abide the orders of the enforcers and still kept on talking to them to let her boyfriend go.

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But then, her boyfriend himself asked her to do the same. He pleaded his girlfriend to enter the car and just follow the orders of the authorities to avoid further conflict.

Though still frustrated, the woman did what she was asked to do. She entered their car, still arguing. One officer was talking to her through the car window. Even the person who was recording the video kept talking to the woman saying, she should still kept on trying to talk to the officers to let them go.

The woman was still frantic and could not be at ease knowing that the officers might apprehend her boyfriend. She seemed to be starting to get overwhelmed by her emotions as times passed by.

She even find it frustrating that the people around them are taking videos of the incident.

Finally, the traffic enforcers told her to come out of the car. She was asked to unlock her boyfriend’s handcuff. As she was doing what she was told, the woman had no idea that something surprising will happen.

After she unlocked the handcuff, her boyfriend got down on his one knee and revealed a small red box. While another officer held a banner with the words “Will you marry me?”

As she realized what was happening, the woman walked away for a while as she tried to compose herself. On the other hand, the crowd around them was cheering for the couple.

After the woman recovered from the surprise, she finally said yes to her boyfriend’s proposal.

The man put the ring on her finger and the newly engaged couple embraced each other.

The crowd, especially the officers who were actually accomplices of the boyfriend, congratulate them and cheered for the couple’s declaration of love.



Watch the video here:

Pasaway na mag asawa

Grabe 'tong mag-asawa na'to!! sila na nga mali sila pa galit! panoorin mo hanggang dulo may pasabog pa sila..

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