PANOORIN: Pulubing nakapulot ng pitakang may lamang pera, buong pusong ibinalik ito sa may-ari!

Because of the every day struggles and problems that every person encounters, it’s becoming harder and harder for people to keep their faith in humanity. That is why people are always looking for even a small act of kindness to change their mind. That is also the reason why we often celebrate the events and people who were able to make a small difference in one’s life.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to afford a home, food, water, and all the basic necessities that a person needs. Some are just struggling to make ends meet while some people rely on scraps just for them to survive.

Like this poor old woman who loiters the street looking for scraps. She was carrying a big sack on her back where she put all her rummages.

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A person like her is expected to grab every opportunity she could get just to survive. Maybe that is the reason why a young man tried to test the woman.

The man intentionally drop his wallet along the way where he could be sure that the beggar would immediately see it.

He hid somewhere while recording the incident on his camera.

The woman finally came and was busy looking for scraps around the premises when she finally saw the wallet. She opened the wallet to find out its content.

The woman saw that there were money inside the wallet.

The young man expected the woman to keep the money and walk away immediately. But he was surprised to see that the woman stayed where she was, as if waiting for someone to claim the wallet from her.

The woman waited there for a while after finally walking away. The young man thought that the woman would finally kept the wallet with money in it with her.

He followed where the woman was going and he was surprised to see her approaching the nearby police office. The woman entered the establishment while the young man waited outside.

After a while, the woman finally came out and the wallet was not with her anymore.

The young man realized that the woman surrendered the wallet in the hopes that the owner would go to the office and look for it.

The young man was impressed with the genuine honesty of the woman despite her unfortunate situation in life.


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