Estudyanteng nagbebenta ng basahan sa jeep, nagsilbing inspirasyon sa mga netizens!

It may sound cliché but our parents were right when they would often tell that education is the only treasure that they can give us in our lifetime and that it is something that could not be taken away from us.

But what if your parents are not financially capable to send you to school? While others would rather work and help their parents generate income to survive their daily lives, one student from Caloocan City recently captured the hearts of netizens for extending efforts to help her parents to be able to send her to school.

In the Facebook post of netizen Jade De Luna, she narrated how this girl touched her heart after meeting her in one fateful jeepney ride.

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According to Jade she was riding a public utility jeepney when a school girl hopped the same vehicle along La Forteza, the girl initially caught her attention since she is holding tons of rags.

When it was the school girl’s turn to pay her fare, the driver said it will cost her 10 pesos to get to her destination which is in Tala High School in Caloocan City. But instead of handing over her payment, the student tried to haggle and say “Pwede po bang basahan na lang?”, she is offering a few pieces of rag to the driver in exchange for her ride.

Even before the jeepney driver could reply, a fellow passenger offered to pay for the school girl’s fare and handed it over to the driver, which made the schoolgirl immediately express her gratitude.

The same man who paid for her fare also bought from the rags she is selling and refused to accept the change of his payment. The lady sitting next to her also bought a few pieces of rag and got the chance to get to know the school girl.

It turns out that she is currently studying at Tala High School and carrying tons of rags since she is helping her parents who make the rag for a living to raise funds for her everyday allowance and other school funds.

Jade was touched by her story and decided to share this wonderful encounter on social media to inspire other students like her to work hard to finish their studies instead of wasting the money and chance to be educated.

She also encouraged netizens to share the story in the hopes to extend financial help to the student/ rag vendor.

Read her full post below:






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