Nanay, tinulungan ng BITAG na mabawi ang mga anak sa dating kinakasama!

Bitag Kilos-Pronto, a program hosted and headed by broadcaster, Ben Tulfo, is known to provide immediate response and public service to those in need.

A mother of two children approached the program to seek help in getting them back from their father. According to Rosalina, the complainant, she and the children’s father were not married. The two of them separated and the father got both of their children.

The children are 6 years old and 3 years old. Tulfo told Rosalina that according to the family code, in case of separation of the parents, the custody of children below 7 years old should automatically go to the mother given that she has the capacity to raise them well.

Tulfo assured Rosalina that they could ask for help from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). Rosalina said that her children was in Taguig together with their father.

Tulfo asked Rosalina if there is still a chance for the her and her former live-in partner to get back together again, but Rosalina said that it would be impossible since the man oftentimes hurt her when they were still together.

She said that there was an instance when the two siblings of her former live-in partner went to her and threaten her that if something would happen to JR, the live-in partner, she would be held liable.

“Call the DSWD. First, identify the target, study where the kids are. Do the surveillance. And once you see where the kids are, let’s prepare. Let us take the DSWD and the law enforcers to come along with us, and the barangay. Get the kids. If the father decides to act violently, you know exactly what to do,” ordered Tulfo to his Bitag team.

The next day, the team of Bitag-Kilos Pronto immediately conducted a surveillance on the location where Rosalina’s children are. They confirmed that the children were indeed under the care of their father.

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The team immediately conducted a rescue operation together with the CSWD and the Women and Children Desk of Taguig PNP. Afterwards, the team proceeded on going to the location.

Rosalina immediately saw her children and asked them to come with her. But a woman, probably the mother-in-law, complained that Rosalina and JR did not have any conversation regarding what was happening.

A staff told her that according to the law, the custody of the children should go to the mother, and said that if JR wanted to negotiate, he should proceed to the CSWD.

According to Ma. Julie Anne Limay, a staff of CSWD, Rosalina and her former live-in partner already talked in the barangay but their negotiation did not go smoothly that’s why conflicts had arise.



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