Talamak na pangongotong at panunuhol sa mga traffic enforcers sa lansangan!

BITAG New Generation, hosted by Ben Tulfo, once again conducted an undercover operation to catch officials who are violating the law. This time, the team’s target was the alleged bribery and extortion happening between traffic enforcers and motorists.

Tulfo received complaints and information regarding this kind of transaction. He asked his undercover team to go to different areas around the city and investigate the real happening around the area.

According to the tips that the program received, motorists throw coins at the traffic enforcers for them to pick up. These coins reportedly serve as bribes for the enforcers.

Tulfo asked his team to do surveillance operation for consecutive days to know if there was actually a pattern in the transaction. Tulfo ordered them to see if there is a specific time and place on when and where the illegal transactions were occurring.

In the parts of Aurora Bldv., Cubao, and EDSA, Quezon City, the Bitag team found their target based on the complaints and tips sent through the program’s text line.

At first glance, one would notice the traffic enforcers, wearing their blue uniform and white military-type helmet, scattered around the area, seemingly busy doing their job. These enforcers are from the Department of Public Order and Safety of Quezon City.

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But as one look closely, one would also notice that there were indeed coins being thrown at a traffic enforcer, just as what the tip said. It is still unclear whether this is actually a new form of bribery.

After a few minutes of surveillance, the traffic enforcer picked up the coins one by one. Even the cigarette vendor beside him started picking up the coins and handing it to him.

Another team was surveying the other parts of the area where they found their new target. This specific enforcer had a different way of extorting from the motorists. He would stop a vehicle and its driver on the side of the road and would talk to them. Based on the surveillance video, it is still unknown whether the driver really handed an amount of money to the traffic enforcer or not.

Through the team’s bullet cam, they were able to get the name of these enforcers as it was written on their uniform. The coin-picking officer is L.D. Sales, while the alleged extortionist officer is G.B. Gaspar.

Tulfo told his team to focus on Gaspar and catch him doing his illegal transaction. The team was successful in doing so as they caught Gaspar on camera talking to a driver who might have committed a traffic violation. Gaspar attempted on ticketing the driver but the latter handed him money which then stopped their negotiation.



Watch the extortion and bribery activities of these traffic enforcers here:


Source: Youtube

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