PANOORIN: Ka-sweetan ng pabebeng mag-jowa, nauwi sa disgrasya!

We all have different concepts of true love, but the definition boils down to meeting the right one, the one who is destined to be with you for the rest of your life.

In this world with an indefinite number of population, there is also an indefinite number of ways to define true love. We’ve seen so many gestures of love on social media; from grand marriage proposal to the simplest birthday surprise for a partner, all of which surely have melted your heart in one way or another.

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But as someone who has experienced to love and be loved, we could all agree to the fact that small gestures of love are often more meaningful and memorable for us. These simple gestures include opening the door for you, texting or calling you first thing in the morning, cooking breakfast, helping you to tie your shoelace, writing short love notes, giving you a back massage, and more.

One small gesture yet the sweetest thing that could put butterflies in a girl’s stomach is guiding her to cross the street, when you held her hands and make sure she is safe while crossing the street, it will surely give you a hundred percent “pogi points” that will surely melt her heart.

Just like this video going rounds on social media that did not just touch the heart of netizens but also left them…. bursting in laughter?

In the 15-second video clip uploaded by Facebook page K Line Global, a couple could be seen in the middle of forest wherein there is a small lake that they have to cross in order to get to their destination.

In the middle of the small lake is a tiny piece of wood that looks not-so-sturdy and safe enough to cross to.

To make sure that the tiny piece of wood is safe, the guy initially walk through it to see if it is strong enough to carry a person who is crossing. After safely crossing for about 3-4 steps, his girlfriend attempted to follow him on the other side but did not push through as she is obviously afraid for her own safety.

So the boyfriend once again crosses to the other side, bent down on his knees and offered to carry the girl on his back. Aww, so sweet, isn’t it?

But the sweet gesture quickly turned into a disaster as the tiny improvised bridge they are trying to cross to collapse leading the both of them to submerge in lake water. Yikes!





Watch the video below:

Posted by K Line Global on Sunday, September 16, 2018


Well, at least they have proven that they will stick together in every obstacle they face.





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