Pulis at MMDA enforcer, halos sagasaan ng driver na ayaw magpa-ticket!

Nowadays, the public has become more vigilant when it comes to different kinds of instances that may happen around us. Through the use of their phone camera, everyone can easily take a snap or record an incident they witness and upload it on social media in order to raise awareness and be able to expose a modus if any.

We’ve already seen tons of viral videos concerning traffic violators and their lack of awareness about certain traffic rules and ended up getting bashed by netizens; there is the government employee who run away from traffic enforcers due to illegal parking violation, the couple who refused to wear helmet simply because they used it as an improvised basket to keep their food safe, and of course who would ever forget about the famous “5 minutes girl” who argued and refused to surrender her driver’s license to enforcers.

Now, another not-so-smart driver will be included in this long list of traffic violators caught on camera that he will surely regret in the future.

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In the series of videos uploaded by Facebook user Aila Celedio, it shows how a driver once again neglected and disrespected a traffic enforcer on duty who flagged her down due to an unknown traffic violation.

In the first video, a Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) enforcer together with a police on duty could be seen in front of a gray Honda while the driver inside is consistently making noise by honking the vehicle’s horn.

At some point in the video, it could be seen that the car is slowly moving and almost run over the two officers who are trying to stop him to issue a traffic violation ticket. The MMDA officer could also be heard pleading the driver to stop making noise but to no avail.

Although it is not clear what is the reason why the officers flagged him down, it is obvious that the driver neglected the officers which are already a clear violation of the law.

Meanwhile, the post immediately went viral on social media and reached the attention of MMDA Task Force Special Operations Commander Col. Edison “Bong” Nebrija.

In the comments section, Nebrija confirmed that the officers were not able to apprehend the driver in the video but were able to take note of all necessary details to give her apprehensions.


Watch the full video here:



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Source: Facebook

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