Isang Netizen pinagkopara sina Mocha Uson at ang komedyante na si Ethel Booba!

For someone who already lost the citizens’ trust, together with her questionable credibility because of her failed antics, Mocha Uson still has the audacity to make herself relevant in the state of the current political climate.

Uson first rose to fame as a singer, dancer, and the leader of the group called “Mocha Girls.” They became well-known because of their provocative style of performing.

But as their career as performers slowly faded in the background of show business industry, Uson decided to take an interested to the current issues that the country is facing. She created her own Facebook page named “MOCHA USON BLOG” wherein she shares her sentiments about politics; thus, gradually turning herself into a pseudo-political analyst.

It is actually surprising how many people soon rely on her Facebook posts as a credible source of current news despite her posts being too flawed, biased, and fake. Her fanaticism to President Rodrigo Duterte was seen as something relatable by those people who voted and still supports the country’s present Chief Executive. Thus, creating huge following dubbed as “mga Ka-DDS.”

But not everyone is fond of this group, especially of Uson.

The social media site, Twitter, is mostly dominated by progressive users who are not afraid of voicing out their sentiments even if it opposes the administration. Aside from this, people like Uson could easily be dragged into the dumpsters by netizens who are more knowledgeable with the national issues.

Just like what Twitter user named Ogie Rosa (with an account handle named [at]ogie_rosa) did to one of Uson’s Facebook posts. According to his Twitter bio, Rosa is a writer and a humanitarian activist. He also has a huge following and most of the contents of his feed talked about relevant social issues.

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One time, he targeted Uson’s post in which stated:

“May bagong paandar nanaman si Trillanes. Dami mong papel na pinapakita sa senado pag nag uusig ka ng kalaban pero yung isa sa pinakamahalagang dokumento sa buhay mo wala. Wag nga kami.”

This is with regards to the supposed revocation of Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV’s amnesty by the president himself.

Rosa took a screenshot of this and commented:
“Uulitin ko ang tanong: Si Ethel Booba kahit nagpapatawa, natatalinuhan ako. Pero bakit si Mocha kahit nagmamamtalino, natatawa lang ako?”

Ethel Booba is a comedienne who graces the internet with her hilarious but relevant take on social issues.

Rosa’s tweet gained many likes and retweets and most of the netizens agreed on what he said.

Here are some of the other netizens’ comments:

“It has been said that a good sense of humor is a sign of intelligence. Ethel Booba’s jokes can only be appreciated by persons who show some sign of intelligence.”

“Ethel booba vs. Mocha Uson fight is no brainer. it will be a first-round knock-out in favor of the Booba. in all disciplines.”

“Hopeless case yang si Mocha. Sinusuka na ng mga workmates anjan pa rin. Kapal ng mukha.”

“Just the fact you’re comparing her to Mocha is too insulting for Ethel Booba.”


Source: Inquirer

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