PANOORIN: Lantarang paglabag sa batas ng ilang Pilipino, sapul sa camera!

If you will be asked what makes you proud as a Filipino, I’m sure you can enumerate hundreds of characteristics and personalities that make you honored to be born and raised in the Philippines.

Bayanihan, breath-taking beaches, rich culture, yummy delicacies, positive disposition in life, resiliency during a disaster, People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao, Miss Universe 2016 Pia Wurtzbach, and Lea Salonga… these are just some of the many reasons why we have always been proud to become a Filipino.

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But if you will be asked, what are the things you loathe about being a Filipino, I’m sure you also have an unlimited list of negative things that somehow makes you cringe and ashamed of. One of the negative traits some Filipino has is being a grumbler by nature or in the native language “pagiging reklamador”.

Hypocrisy aside, we all know that Filipinos have this nature of being a frequent complainer, even once in our life we have experienced complaining about something especially the kind of government that we have.

But you what is ironic? We keep on complaining about the things the government could offer yet could not even lift a butt to follow basic rules and regulations like no J-walking, wearing a helmet while driving a motorcycle, no littering, no vandalism, and more.

Just like incident caught on camera by a netizen wherein you can see how a Filipino blatantly breaks the law during broad daylight.

In the video uploaded by Facebook page “Sa Ngalan ng Gobyerno”, it could be seen how at least five Filipinos break the law by hopping off a “no loading and unloading” zone in the middle of the road, in fact, the incident was taken at the tail of a bridge in one of the major highways in the country.

It could be seen how these people crossed from one side to another by walking in the middle of a broken barrier, and they did it in the most casual way like it was just a normal thing happening on a daily basis.

The one who took the video who is apparently riding a vehicle while recording the incident could not help but express his frustration and said: “Hay, Pilipino nga naman!”




Watch the short video clip below and be the judge:

Dami nyo reklamo sa Gobyerno.

Hay naku mga kapwa ko Pilipino..Dami nyo reklamo sa Gobyerno..Pero simpleng batas hindi nyo magawang sundin..cttoplease share (y) kuyadave

Posted by Sa Ngalan Ng Gobyerno on Tuesday, September 18, 2018


What can you say about this kind of mentality? Share us your thoughts in the comments section.





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