PANOORIN: Si Tatang, nag-viral sa social media dahil sa ginawang ito sa kaniyang alagang aso!

Filipinos are known to be pet lovers to the point that we treat our pets like one of our family members that is why when they got hurt, we immediately take action as they are very dear to us.

Filipinos love for pets knows no boundaries, from pure breed down to stray dogs, we all have that soft spot for pets and even treat them like our own child, and because these creatures often ease our stress and give us joy at home, we tend to be attached to them emotionally.

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Recently, a local government’s anti-stray dog campaign went viral on social media for its controversial campaign title “Oplan Doghang” which sounds like the Duterte administration’s “Oplan Tokhang” against persons who are dependent and selling an illegal substance. This particular campaign drew flak from netizens especially those dog lovers who see their pet like a family member.

On Wednesday, another video concerning pet and pet owner went viral on social media that have touched the hearts of many netizens and have reminded us why the Almighty God blessed us with pets and have created us as rational wellbeing responsible to look after his creations, including the animals.

In the video posted by Facebook page UNILAD, an elderly man could be seen across a public market while trying to escape the road since it is already raining.

But instead of running hurriedly using his bicycle, the old man actually took a minute in order to give protection to his reliable companion who is at that time already sitting pretty at the front basket of his bike.

The old man took out a small piece of plastic and tied it carefully around his dog’s neck to cover his body, after making sure that his body is all protected, the old man grabbed a tiny abaca hat and placed it on top of his dog’s head for protection, because you know, the ever-reliable man’s best friend might catch a cough and cold, we don’t want to see that happen.

All this preparation was done by the old man while his pearly white dog sits quietly on the basket and patiently waiting for his best friend to escape the scene.

Once both of them are settled, the old man hopped his bicycle and carefully drives home. If you do not find this gesture sweet and heartwarming, I honestly do not know what kind of heart you have right there.

Kidding aside, this touching video only reminds us that we human being should be the one looking after the animals instead of treating them like slaves.




Watch the heartwarming video below:

Elderly Man Protects Dog From Rain

"Saw this elderly man protecting his dog from the rain" 😍🙌Newsflare

Posted by UNILAD on Tuesday, September 18, 2018






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