WATCH: Amang OFW, gumamit ng kakaibang magic trick para maiwasan ang nakakadurog na pusong iyakan sa airport sa kaniyang paglisan

We all know for a fact that working abroad entails a lot of sacrifices and hardships, aside from battling language barrier, culture indifferences, and sometimes facing cruel employees, one of the hardest challenges an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) has to face in a foreign country is homesickness.

But even before stepping foot to a foreign land, an OFW’s first and major challenge is bidding goodbye to their loved ones as they walk them inside the airport. In movies and TV series, this kind of scene is often depicted as tear-jerking and overly dramatic as the family members would be miles away from each other, but this is actually a reality and sometimes even more extreme crying scene in the airport.

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Leaving to work abroad makes it ten times harder if the OFW has children to be left behind, we’ve seen so many heartbreaking viral videos of children hysterically crying as their parents walk inside the airport and bid goodbye, but recently, an OFW have used a wonderful trick in order to avoid this kind of crying and dramatic scene in the airport.

In the video posted by Facebook user Nafson Tolentino, a Canada-based OFW who is on his way back to the said country did a clever way of bidding goodbye to his family especially to his son who is still very young.

In the first part of the video, Nafson first gave his mother-and-son a goodbye kiss before actually releasing his weapon, a colorful blanket… wait, what? Are they sleeping in the airport or something?

Apparently, Nafson used the famous “vanishing magic trick” wherein the “magician” would first play hide-and-seek using a blanket, and after a few turns will automatically vanish out of nowhere. This viral magic trick is often used by pet owners to see the reaction of their pets if they just disappear instantly.

First, Nafson tricked his son to just be hiding behind the curtain, but after several turns, he left the blanket hanging and run towards the other side to grab his luggage and get himself inside the airport without any hysterical crying scene. Genius!

Well, his trick actually worked as his little boy looks adorable confused as to where his dad went and eventually got convinced that he just disappeared out of nowhere, like a magic!

Although it’s kind of heartbreaking that our OFWs would have to resort to this kind of tricks in order to get away with dramas, this is probably their only way to avoid at least a few percents of sadness and longing for their family as they take another journey working abroad.




Watch the very clever trick below:

Posted by Nafson Tolentino on Friday, July 13, 2018








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