Atapang atao, pero takot sa tusok? Bagitong pulis na mangiyak-ngiyak sa injection, viral sa social media!

Because of the nature of work connected to law enforcement, a lot of people would normally associate it to men but not just any other ordinary men but strong, masculine, honorable, and of course brave men who are willing to risk their lives for the sake of enforcing the law.

Those above-mentioned characteristics are not really required if you want to be a policeman, these are just the common expectation of people to the ones who are responsible in keeping our safety and making sure the law is enforced.

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Strong and masculine – of course, people expect a policeman to be physically fit and not weak in case they will face trouble that will require physical strength.

Honorable – this is necessary as people would not dare to entrust their lives to a dishonest man or someone with a questionable reputation.

Brave – not just in terms of facing life-threatening battles but also brave when it comes to fighting for their principle and beliefs.

But there is no such thing as a perfect policeman, even those 5-star generals and directors have their own weaknesses too and it is completely fine for a policeman to admit and show their weaknesses, as they say, accepting your weakness makes you a braver man.

Just like what this young policeman exhibited in a viral video which is now making netizens laugh and sympathize at the same time.

In the video uploaded by Facebook page BuhayLespu, it shows how a neophyte policeman shamelessly showed his weakness yet bravely faced one of his fears… the injection.

Most of us have been really frightened with injection since we are young, despite the famous trick that injections are just like a bite of an ant, that tiny little piece of thing still gives us panic attacks and anxiety.

In the said viral video, it seems that a group of neophyte policemen is lined up for a mandatory blood extraction and a policeman who obviously has a fear of injection has no choice but to face his fear and get it over and done.

It could be seen how the young man is anxiously looking at his arms before the nurse actually performed a blood extraction, as the nurse proceeds with the usual process, the terrified policeman looks away and wait patiently waits for his fateful experience with a shot.

Even before finally taking the shot, the policeman could be seen cringing in pain and breathing heavily as his colleagues playfully tease him and record his memorable blood extraction.

The nurse the instructed him to breathe deeply as the injection gets underneath his skin, his reaction is totally unexplainable like that of a child who is holding back his tears and emotions.




Watch the hilarious video below:

Yung Pulis👮 na hindi takot sa KRIMINAL pero TAKOT sa TUSOK ng KARAYOM💉 😂😂😂 Ganito ka rin ba?😂📹 ©ReVien Lusad

Posted by BuhayLespu on Monday, September 17, 2018

It just goes to show that even the bravest man on Earth should not be afraid to show and face his fears and weaknesses.




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