Driver ng Grab, ayaw isauli ang cellphone ng isang estudyante!

A student resorted to Bitag-Kilos Pronto to complain about the Grab driver who refused to give her phone back which she left in the car.

Isabella Muñoz narrated the incident which happened on September 7. She and her friend booked a Grab car from UP Diliman to Matulungin in Maginhawa St. When they got out of the vehicle, that was when she realized that she left her phone in the car. She asked her friend, Tin, to message the driver of the Grab car and tell him what happened.

When she woke up the next day, she saw a notification on her laptop saying that her iPhone has been found. There is an app called “Find My iPhone” which tracks lost iPhone. The app stated that her phone is located somewhere near UP Diliman.

She immediately called Grab and told them that she already found her iPhone in that certain location. They asked her to go to the location and told her that they would update her immediately. But Grab did not contact her again.

Isabella’s friend told her that she found her Grab driver on Facebook, so she messaged him. She saw that he has a wife, so she messaged her too and told them about the incident.

The wife was the first one to reply. She told Isabella that they could not check it immediately and she would have to wait until 9PM. The wife told her that they are currently in Tandang Sora.

But 2 minutes after their conversation, Isabella’s other phone got a notification from the tracker app and stated that it found her iPhone somewhere in Tandang Sora.

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Isabella just wanted to get her phone back because she was reviewing for the board exam, and all her notes, reviewers, and everything else she needs were in her phone.

The staff of Bitag-Kilos Pronto was able to contact Julio Ipan, the said driver. Ben Tulfo talked to Julio to get his side of the story.

Julio said that it would really be hard for Isabella to contact him because his contact number on the app is not yet updated. But Isabella reasoned out that he could just message her through his wife.

According to Grab, they told Julio to immediately report to them about the incident. If he failed to do so within 24 hours, he would be suspended.

Tulfo threatened Julio that they would take the case to LTFRB and let them do the necessary actions needed since Julio and Grab itself seemed to be lying about the whole thing.

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