WAG TULARAN: Dahil sa sobrang pagkausisa, ulo ng pilyong bata naipit sa massage chair!

We all have that little rebel moments in our lives especially during our younger years wherein we voluntarily disobey certain rule or sign just because of curiosity Different “what if’s” are playing on our head so instead of leaving the question as it is, we unleash our little rebel selves so we could discover the answer to our own questions.

But satisfying our curious minds is not good all the time, as they say, “curiosity kills the cat”, a clever reminder that there might be danger in unnecessary investigation or experiment.

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Just like what happened to this curious boy who thought about what might happen if he actually placed his entire head inside the hole of a massage couch. Well, he immediately got the answer to his curiosity as his head got stuck in an instant.

According to reports, the incident happened last September 10, 2018, in Jinhua City in eastern Zheijang Province where the naughty boy’s curiosity escalated quickly as firefighters even responded in the area to free his head.

At first, the firefighters patiently tried different ways to release the boy’s head from the hole; they tried slightly twisting and pushing the boy’s head out but to no avail.

After a series of failed attempts, the firefighters were left with their last option, which is to cut open the massage couch using an electric chainsaw.

They first placed a cloth on top of the boy’s name and proceed on carefully cutting the massage couch.

Good thing, the boy was successfully rescued and released without a single hint of injury.



Watch the crucial rescue operation below:

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