WATCH: Lalakeng nangangalakal ng basura, nag-viral sa social media matapos gawin ito….

We could not deny the fact that a portion of the Philippine population is suffering from poverty, most of them are not capable enough to find a decent job so they resort in begging money in the streets or trash mongering or popularly known as “pangangalakal”.

Trash mongers is a common sight in the country, they go from one trash bin to another to check out if there are still some useful items or even food that was thrown in the garbage can. They collect all the stuff which might be useful for them and often utilize it or sell it in junk shops in exchange of a small amount of money that is enough to buy them food.

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For some, the sight of a mangangalakal is sickening because aside from the fact that they are digging into a dirty and stinky pile of trash, the mongers themselves are causing more dirt after leaving the garbage scattered all over after searching for some useful stuff.

But one trash monger put his “pangangalakal” game to the next level and drew praises from netizens.

In a video posted by Facebook user Jonathan Suyom Tugade, a trash monger could be seen busy roaming around a pile of trash in a certain community.

Although the place was not mentioned, Jonathan said that some citizens are reporting to him a certain trash monger who is doing what is not expected of him.

It turns out that the trash monger is carefully and diligently fixing the pile of trash he earlier rummaged instead of leaving it all scattered on the floor.

“Siya pala yung sinasabi sa’kin ng mga tao na nag-aayos ng basura. Pag mangangalakal siya, yung mga basura nililigpit niya, inaayos niya. Pinipili niya yung makukuha niya pero hindi niya iniiwang makalat,” Jonathan said.


“Kanina makalat na ‘yan eh, pero nung dumating siya kinuha niya yung mga kalakal pero yung mga basura inayos niya. Mahusay na mangangalakal ‘to, magandang halimbawa ‘to para doon sa ibang mangangalakal din,” he added.

Jonathan added although he is not aware of the hawker’s identity, he thinks that he serves as a good example to his fellow-mongers who are just thinking about their days worth of kalakal instead of caring for the environment.

“Yung iba kasi nagbabasura lang kinakalat yung basura, siya hindi, inaayos niya,” he said.

The video immediately went viral on social media and netizens could not help but express admiration to the man who might have a small-time job but has a big heart to carry his responsibility as a human being.

Mangangalakal naMay Malasakit…Very Good…

Posted by Jonathan Suyom Tugade on Thursday, August 2, 2018



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