ANG KAPAL! Walang habas na paghingi ng regalo ng isang ina sa ninang ng kaniyang anak, viral sa social media!

Civil and religiously speaking, being asked to take a godparent role in a newborn child’s life is a great honor. This is because you were trusted to play an honorary role in a child’s spiritual and emotional upbringing. In general “ninongs and ninangs” are expected to stay connected with the child’s life to guide him with or without the presence of his/her parents.


But sadly, nowadays, some parents tend to forget the real role of ninongs and ninangs in the life of their children, instead, they just see the ninongs and ninangs as merely a Santa Claus or gift giver during special occasions like Christmas, New Year, and birthdays.

Now that we are only a few months away from celebrating Christmas, some of the ninongs and ninangs are surely getting ready preparing the gifts for their godchildren while some are getting ready to put their “finding ninong/ninang” game to the next level and make sure they will be out of sight to get away from their imposed responsibility of giving every godchild a gift.

Recently, a ninang took to social media to sarcastically express how she already feels the upcoming Christmas season after one of her “kumares” blatantly asked gift for her godchild’s upcoming birthday celebration.

Well, the kumara is not just asking for a simple gift but actually imposing the ninang to be in charge of buying a birthday cake and balloons.

To prove her claim, the anonymous ninang shared some screenshots of her conversation with the mother of her godchild who is obviously her friend.

Initially, the kumara imposed her to buy two layers of cake and at least two dozen of balloons; she explained that since it’s her child’s second birthday, she wanted to make it a point to associate the number 2 in every detail of the celebration.

Apparently, the kumara already “ran out of budget” that is why she is asking the ninang to take part in the celebration expenses. The ninang first politely declined her kumare’s demands but things escalated quickly when the kumare said: “Sige i-advance mo na lang papasko mo sa kaniya. Kahit saradong 4K ok na ‘yun, kahit ‘yun na lang papasko mo.”

That is when the ninang shifted her tone and lambasted her kumare, but in return, the kumare is even the one who has guts to threaten to remove her from her child’s list of ninangs just because she is “kuripot”.

Read their full conversation below and try your best not to be annoyed:








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