Kakaibang prank sa kaklaseng nakatulog sa classroom, viral sa social media!

Having to spend the first 20 years of your life to study, your campus has already become your second home, your professors become like your second parents, and your classmates somehow turns as your annoying siblings.

Spending almost every day with your classmates turned friends, you have probably have shared a special bond that will make your friendship last a lifetime. There are good times and of course, there are also bad times especially when dealing with a group project, deadlines, academics, and extra-curricular activities.

Having said that, it is safe to say that the campus and your friends in school has become your comfort zone as you take the journey to be prepared to face the real world. Being so comfortable with each other, you have also probably shared a few pranks with your friends that turned hilariously memorable all throughout your student life.

Just take from this group of students from Far Eastern University (FEU) who created a hilarious video on how they prank a classmate/friend who falls asleep inside the classroom.

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In the video uploaded by Facebook user Arthur M Esguerra, it shows how they creatively pulled off a prank to a classmate who falls asleep in the corner of the classroom.

In the first part of the video, the sleeping classmate could be seen lying on the floor and covered with pieces of paper the video states it is made “In loving memory of Ruzzel Panidar” who is probably the victim in this comical prank.

One of the group pretended to be a priest who is praying and blessing the body covered in paper and to complete the made-up interment scene, some of the students pretended to be “crying ladies” hired to mourn for the departed.

One of them even used the campus’ trash bin as improvised incense to bless the unconscious body which drew laughter from the rest of the students inside the classroom.

But things get a little funnier when one of the classmates pretended to be a relative of Ruzzel and arrived at the interment scene while crying and carrying a black umbrella just like how movies and TV series depict an interment scene.





Watch the hilarious video below:

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Posted by Arthur M. Esguerra on Friday, September 14, 2018







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