PANOORIN: Mga kainang nakaharang sa bangketa, giniba!

Concerned citizens voiced out their complaints about the sidewalk that has been used by vendors for their businesses which turns out to be an inconvenience for the passersby.

In August 20, back in the Bitag-Kilos Pronto action center, Ben Tulfo was talking to one of the complainants. She brought with her photos and evidences of the crowded and unsanitary area being complained about.

He asked her to go back to place the next day to do an actual surveillance together with the Bitag team.

The next day, August 21, the Bitag undercover staff and the complainant conducted a surveillance along Sampaguita St., Maligaya Drive, Novaliches, Quezon City.

The woman said that the food establishment occupying the sidewalks could already be seen left and right. She said that they had tried countless times to report the problem to their barangay but there was no immediate response from them. She said that the sidewalk is really filled with these businesses and that it was hard for people to really passed by the sidewalk.

In August 29, Tulfo talked to Amy Tawagan, the admin from Brgy. Pasong Purok in Novaliches regarding the issue. He asked why there were still no responses from the barangay authorities regarding the violation of these sidewalk vendors.

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Tawagan denied on being negligent about the complaints. She said that she already talked to these vendors and told them to move out of the area immediately. But as it turned out, looked like the vendors did not listen to her at all.

In August 30, the complainant together with the Bitag team went to the Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO). The woman showed the authorities a video that serves as a proof of the vendor’s violations.

Garry Domingo, the chief of BPLO, said to only get rid of the tables and the sinks blocking the sidewalk and asked the owners to do it voluntarily. If they refused to do so, then that was when they would demolish the place.

The same day, they did a surprise inspection on the area and told everyone that they have 5 days to comply to the BPLO’s order.

But when the Bitag team visited the area once again on September 5, it seemed like the place did not change at all.

In September 18, the Kilos-Pronto team, together with the Quezon City hall visited the area and did an operation to get rid off the eateries occupying the sidewalk.

The Quezon City Department of Public Order and Safety (DPOS) demolished all the eateries that were blocking the sidewalk. Aside from the inconveniences brought by these eateries’ presence, the demolition team also found out that these eateries are also responsible for the wastes around the area.

DPOS found kaning baboy, food excesses, and spoiled food, beside the food establishments.

The owners of this business did not take the demolition operation easily. Many of them complained about what the men was doing saying that they should pity them because they were just trying to make a living.

Watch the full video here:

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