Amo, niregaluhan ng bahay at lupa ang isang OFW matapos ang ilang taon nitong serbisyo sa kanya!

Being an oversees Filipino worker (OFW) is not an easy job as other people would think. OFWs need to endure the feeling of being away from their family for the sake of providing them a good life. In addition to this, Filipinos had to learn how to communicate and socialize with people of different nationalities.

In some cases, some of them experienced being treated badly by the people around them. Being a Filipino somehow entailed them to being discriminated by the other nationalities who would just often think of them as nothing but cheap laborers.

In worse cases, OFWs, especially the domestic helpers, were maltreated by their own employers prompting them to just go back to the country.

Fortunately, there are some who luckily landed themselves in a pleasant household where their employers treat them properly and would even consider them as part of their family.


Like what happened to this OFW who received an amazing gift from her employer after all the years of her service.

Dina Tenerife Celo is a one lucky OFW as her Emirate employer gave her a house and lot!

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Her employer, Melissa McPike, showed Dina her gratitude for all the years of service she provided for her family by gifting her a house and lot.

Dina worked as a domestic helper in the United Arab Emirates. She took care of Melissa’s children from 1998 until 2000. But after her contract ended, Dina’s employer asked her to work again for their family because of her pleasant attitude and traits as a helper.

After all the years they had spent together in one roof, Dina was able to create a really close bond to Melissa and her family. She grew a familial attachment especially to the children. The family treated Dina as if she too was a close family member, and not just a mere house helper. Even the children treated Dina as if she too is a second parent to them. The children call her Auntie.

According to Melissa, Dina really is a good person and she really gained their trust to the point of letting Dina keep the family’s personal belongings. Melissa even handed Dina her own debit card without any second thoughts.

Because of this, she sees to it that she would be able to repay Dina through an act of kindness and giving her a house and lot of her own.

Melissa’s son, Saeed Al Muhairi will provide assistance to Dina and the construction of her new home. Melissa promised to visit Dina in the Philippines as soon as the house is finished.


Source: Kami

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