PANOORIN: Anak, nagwala at ayaw bitiwan ang amang kailangang umalis upang magtrabaho sa malayong lugar

They say that parental love is unconditional and could not be replaced by anything material. Responsible parents do their best to provide a good life for their children, even if it means being away from them. Working away from your family is a sacrifice one could make just to provide a decent life and make ends meet. It is hard for the parents the same way that it is hard for the children whom they would have to leave.

One could just imagine how difficult it is to go through life without your parents’ presence.

That is probably the reason why this little girl in this viral video was crying her heart out while saying goodbye to her father.

The scene happened in a bus terminal. The father was already carrying his baggage and was ready to board the bus. With him is his wife and daughter. As he was saying goodbye to his family, the daughter might have sensed that she would have to wait for a long time for the return of her father. From there, the little girl started to cry and throw tantrums.

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The girl was sobbing very loudly as she held onto her father and refused to let go. One could see that because of his daughter’s reaction, it is also becoming harder for the father to leave his child.

The father tried to get his daughter off of her as he kissed and said his farewell to the little girl. The mother on the other hand was also trying to pull the child away from her husband.

The child’s tantrum became worse to the point that she even pulled her mother’s hair back and forth just to stop her from pulling her away from her father.

In the end, the father was able to free himself from his daughter’s grasp and immediately said his farewell to his family as he boarded the outgoing bus.

Meanwhile, the child was still hysterical. She was already sitting on the floor while her mother was trying to pull her up to her feet.


Many netizens reacted to the video and said that they became emotional while watching it. Some of them could relate to the father and the sacrifices he has to make for her family, while some of them sympathized with the poor child.

One netizen suggested that it is better if parents would opt to not bring their child with them in the day of their departure as to avoid this kind of scenario, especially if the child involved was too young and would not be able to comprehend the situation clearly.




Watch the full video here:

Buhay OFW

This father needs to work abroad, in order to provide a good life for his family. But the pain and sadness of a child are never that easy. How far can you go to make them happy? Credit to: Madhel Puerto

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