Pasahero, inilibre sa isang sikat na kainan ang 83 taong gulang na taxi driver matapos niyang marinig ang nakakaantig na kuwento nito

As years passed by, the cost of living in the country continually increases, thus, making it necessary for people to work even harder to provide for their family and themselves.

Even those who are already in their old age still chose to work to make ends meet. That is why as much as possible, we should try to extend our help to people like them even with the smallest act we could think of.

Take for example what this man did to the driver of the taxi he rode.

Christian Flores posted photos of him and the driver, captioned with the conversation they had.

According to Flores, the driver immediately thanked him after he got inside his taxi. The old man said that it has become very rare for him to get passengers because of his age.

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“Kapag may tumawag sa akin na pasahero at nakita nilang matanda na ako, e hindi sila sumasakay,” the taxi driver shared.

As much as other drivers were being picky with their passengers, the passengers tend to be picky too when it comes to their taxi driver. Some passengers might have think that since the driver is old, he would not be able to drive properly.

The old man said that this is the reason why he earned a lot less compared to the other drivers.

“Hindi po tay ha. Magaling pa rin po kayo mag-drive,” Flores responded to the old man which he now calls as Tay.

He asked Tay his age to which he responded 83 years old.

Flores was touched by the man’s story, so he thought of something to cheer the old man up.

“Subukan po natin, Tay, kung magaling ka po talaga mag-drive. Iliko mo po d’yan sa drive thru at kakain po tayo pareho,” said Flores.

The man immediately smiled after hearing what Flores said and did what he was asked to do. They passed through the drive thru lane of a famous fast food restaurant and ordered some food for the both of them. Tay even showed his Senior Citizen I.D. to have their meals discounted.

The look on the man’s face showed sincere happiness.

Flores too was happy that he met a person like Tay. At the end of his post, Flores said:

“Hope to see you again, Tay. Tatandaan ko mga payo mo po sa akin at ‘yung promise mong magkikita pa po tayo ulit. Aasahan ko po ‘yan. God bless you always, Tay. Kung sino man pamilya mo ay napakapalad nilang may isang tulad mo po. Hanggang sa muli po.


Source: Facebook

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