PANOORIN: Lalaking nasa eroplano, nag-viral sa social media matapos gawin ito sa kaniyang kape!

Aside from being hardworking, resilient, and family oriented, Filipinos are also known for our natural wit and sense of humor. A family member or a group of friends will never be complete without a resident joker who always makes us laugh out loud with their effortless comical jokes.

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This natural sense of humor is evident with the number of famous comedians who always gives us a dose of laughter every now and then; we have the late Comedy King Dolphy, the box-office king Vic Sotto, the unkabogable Vice Ganda, and many more which only goes to show that it is indeed “more fun in the Philippines”.

Because of the emergence of social media and other platforms, every Filipinos have now a room to share their natural comedic humor. We’ve seen a lot of YouTube content creators who already went viral on social media for their funny video and prank, recently the group another social media content creator is making noise for his comical act.

In the video that is now going rounds on Facebook, a man could be seen inside an economy class airplane as if bound to a local destination in the country.

The Facebook page that uploaded the video states that the man is actually on board a Philippine Airlines (PAL) flight but the destination was not mentioned.

In the 1-minute and 30-second video, the guy in the video shows how to properly drink a coffee while on board an airplane. Instead of usually filling his cup with hot water and 3-in-1 coffee, stir it, and enjoying sipping the hot beverage, the comedian content creator did a hilarious twist to it.

What he did is he tears the entire sachet containing coffee, sugar, and creamer, poured everything inside his mouth and finally drank hot water and mixed everything using a stirrer while it is inside his mouth.

He did it in the most casual way as if it is just a normal thing which drew hilarious reactions from netizens.

Based on the comments section, the guy is identified as Boy Bulkit, a social media content creator and a radio DJ from a local radio station at 104.7 Yes The Best Cagayan De Oyo.

Paano magKape sa PAL? 😅😂😆😃😄Sugar+coffeemate+kape tapos haluin sa bibig??? Ahahaha#BoyBulkitAdventure #PhilippineAirLine

Posted by Saksak Sinagol katawa Bisakol on Friday, September 21, 2018



But Boy Buklit’s video did not go well with other netizens as some did not appreciate his humor. Read some of netizens mixed reactions below:




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