PANOORIN: Nakakakabang Oplan Tokhang, nauwi sa matapos na proposal!

We all have seen different kinds of a marriage proposal that definitely raised the bar for gentlemen in the way to ask their longtime partners to marry them; we’ve seen the grandest, most romantic, most cinematic, most random, and the most tear-jerker kind of proposal spread in social media. All of it definitely touched our hearts and somehow made us think that hopefully one day we will be able to experience and document such a milestone in our lives.


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But recently, a Filipino guy took his proposal game to the next level by giving his girlfriend a mild breakdown before popping out the big question and showing her the diamond ring.

The anonymous guy took advantage of the government’s Oplan Tokhang program and connived with the barangay officials in their place to stage a heart-pounding kind of proposal.

In the video going rounds on social media right now, a group of barangay officials could be seen crowding inside a certain house to capture a man who is allegedly involved in some illegal activities.

The girlfriend who could be seen wearing black and white stripe casual dress could be seen getting very nervous and confused on what is happening.

Other people inside the house are also making the situation more convincing by acting out surprised and asking what is happening and why the guys should be seized.

After a few seconds, an official speaks up to perform a standard operating procedure to the suspect which is to read to his rights to keep silent and the right to seek legal counsel to defend himself.

After which, the barangay official handed the “official warrant” paper to the guy’s girlfriend who is now very nervous and don’t know what to do with the situation.

She then nervously opened the envelope and shaking while opening the folded piece of paper. But instead of reading the reason why her boyfriend will be captured, the paper reads a “WILL YOU MERRY ME?” in shouty capitals.

The said moment drew cheers and laughter from the witnesses and officials inside the house and as soon as she glanced to her boyfriend, the guy is already down on his knees holding a box of the ring while still on handcuffs.

The girlfriend broke down to tears and in total shock, it turns out that her boyfriend will not be captured but will actually capture her heart forever.





Watch the heart pounding yet very sweet proposal below:

Posted by Bpso Brgy Caloocan on Thursday, September 20, 2018



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