PANOORIN: Panayam ng isang netizen sa 7 taong gulang na naglalako ng mga tingi-tinging paninda

As years pass by, the cost of living in our country gradually increases, making it harder for the people below poverty line to afford buying basic necessities, especially food.

Though parents do have the responsibility to provide for their children, sometimes, working their tails off day and night is still is not enough. This is why many families have no other option but to let even their children to work for additional income.

A similar situation recently caught the attention of an online user named Joepring Galicia Sales. According to his narrative, this little girl was selling retailed goods on the streets. The netizen also shared through his lengthy caption that he engaged a small conversation with the young girl and found out that she was only 7 years old.

Below is what was written in his caption.

“Habang ako’y nagkakape, napansin ko bata naglalako na ‘to. Nakipagkwentuhan ako. Grade 3 student daw sya tas sya lang talaga mag-isa wala kasama. Tinanong ko sya kung kumain na sya. Sabi nya hindi pa daw. Wala ako nabigay kundi biscuit lang. Hays hindi ko alam kung maawa ako o matutuwa sa kasipagan ng batang ‘to. Gusto nya lang daw magkapera kasi mag bibilhin sya kaya lagi niya ‘to ginagawa, ang paglalako ng paminta at mga kamangyan. Nakalimutan ko pangalan niya. ‘Yung mama niya daw naglalaba. Tapos papa niya nasa trabaho. Bilang isa rin magulang pinayuhan ko na lang siya na mag-ingat.”

While he was having his morning coffee, he saw the 7-year-old child giving the sari-sari store nearby some of the products she was selling. They were mostly items that you could purchase on a “tingi-tingi” basis.


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Both amazed and concerned about the child’s well-being, he decided to interview the child and record it on video with the intention of posting it online so that more people could hear the child’s story. He even planned on sending it to a famous weekend magazine program on television.

At first, he thought that the child was an out-of-school youth, but as it turned out, the girl was selling her items before her classes start later that day.

The girl’s house were a bit far from where they were during that time and he learned that she was just walking from their house to the places where she sells her goods.

He constantly reminded the child to take care of the money she was earning. He asked the child if she already ate to which she responded no. He also offered the child some milk but the girl refused.

He just gave the child a biscuit to somehow ease her hunger. The other people present also showed their concern to the child. One of them even bought her goods.

In the end, they said their farewell to the girl and asked her to take care of herself.



Watch the full video here:

habang akoy nagkakape napansin ko ang bata naglalako na to nkipagkwentuhan ako, grade 3 student daw sya tas sya lng tlaga mag isa wala kasama, tinanong ko sya kung kumain n sya, sabi nya hindi p daw, wala aq nabigay kundi biscuit lng.. hays hnd ko alam kung maawa ako o matutuwa s kasipagan ng batang to. gusto nya lng daw magkapera kasi may bibilhin sya kya lage niya to ginagawa ang paglalako ng paminta at mga kamangyan.. nakalimutan ko pangalan niya, yung mama niya daw naglalaba. tas yung papa niya nasa trabaho, bilang isa rin magulang pinayuhan ko nlng sya na mag ingat.haysss….

Posted by Joepring Galicia Sales on Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Source: TNPMedia

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