PANOORIN: Trash-talkan sa computer shop, sinong panalo?

Computer shop or internet cafes cater mostly to the needs of the youth who does not have an internet connection in their own home nor even a personal computer or a laptop.

Usually paid through hourly basis, computer shops were always swarmed with teenagers who want to spend their leisure time in browsing the web and playing online games.

Now that innovations such as the Piso Net has been made available, one could spend a peso for a 5-min internet surfing. Most costumers found this much cheaper than the regular hourly paid consumption, minus, of course, the hassle of the constant dropping of coins in the slot to renew your internet consumption.

The loyal patrons of computer shops like this are mostly teenage boys whose sole purpose in going to this place is to play online games with their friends. Usually, the game involves forming a team and defeating their opponent.

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One could imagine the noise that a group like this makes whenever things are starting to heat up in their match. The noise is usually caused by the players trash-talking each other and the crowd cheering for them.

Just take a look at this viral video posted by a Facebook page called Steam Wallet Market.

The video was captioned with:

“Ganito din ba kasaya kung saan ka naglalaro? ‘Yung ibang shop kasi KJ ayaw nila ng maingay na manlalaro hindi tuloy nakakaenjoy.”

The video showed a group of teenage boys who were playing an online game in which they try to take down each other. The video started with the boy wearing a black shirt, screaming and teasing the boy wearing a white shirt directly to his ears. The boy wearing black was even pushing the other boy’s head forcefully before he went back to his own seat.

“Shout out sa tatay mong walang karga!” said the boy wearing black to his opponent. The crowd cheered at his trash-talk.

After a while, it was the boy wearing white’s turn to score a point against the other one. He did the same to the boy wearing black and screamed at him.

The duration of the video just showed the two boys trash-talking at each other every time one of them defeats the other one.

“Shout out sa tatay niya. Kargador! ‘Pag walang karga, walang kain!” said the boy wearing black. He was referring to the other boy’s father who works as a kargador.

The other boy responds to what the other boy was saying but his words were kind of hard to understand.


Watch the full video here:

Piso net boys <3 Ganito din ba kasaya sa computer shop mo?

Ganito din ba kasaya kung saan ka naglalaro? :DYung ibang Shop kasi KJ ayaw nila ng maingay na manlalaro hindi tuloy nakakaenjoy :DCredits to: Jheiko Gamatan

Posted by Steam Wallet Market on Monday, July 2, 2018


Source: Facebook

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