Red Cross, tuloy-tuloy ang pagsaklolo sa mga kababayan natin sinalanta ng bagyong Ompong

These past few days, our social media news feeds have been filled with different negative news about politics, criminality, violence, and cruelty which somehow adds worry to our already stressful lives. For some reasons, this kind of news sells to the public and ignite their inner beast mode which made it ten times depressing.

But of course, being a Filipino we always find the positive side of everything and it is refreshing to see and hear positive and uplifting news from time-to-time.

Just like these relief operation efforts of Philippine Red Cross which many believe deserves greater attention compared to the dramas in the Senate, the debate about Martial Law, and the non-stop chase of illegal activities.

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After the country was hit with typhoon Ompong, the Philippine Red Cross – a private organization that focuses on humanitarian efforts for the past 71 years continue executing their promise to provide quality-life saving services.

For the past few weeks, the Philippine Red Cross volunteers have been very busy on the ground to provide left and right relief to the communities devastated by typhoon Ompong.

Last Thursday, volunteers of Red Cross went to Barangay Sta. Margarita in Baggao Cagayan to distribute non-food relief and hygiene kits to at least 307 individuals, this distributed pack contains sleeping mats, blankets, hygiene kits, jerry cans, and drinking water needed for the victim’s recovery.

The same set of package was also given to typhoon victims in Naga City specifically those evacuees at Enan Chiong Activity Center and Cemex Basketball Gym. On top of that, the Philippine Red Cross also set up a first aid station and welfare desk during the mass wake in Naga City Plaza in order to cater to the psychosocial needs of bereaved families.

As of writing, the organization has also provided hot meals to over 8,394 individuals and they have also distributed necessary medicines for the typhoon victims.

According to Red Cross Chairman Senator Richard Gordon, the PRC through the help of the Filipino people’s donation and volunteer efforts will continue its humanitarian efforts until these typhoon victims are already back on their feet.






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