PANOORIN: Invisible prank ng pilyong magkakapatid, nauwi sa pananampal ng Arabong ama!

They say there is no tighter bond or relationship in this world other than a family bond, aside from being connected by blood, we have this strong family culture to stick and fight for each other in good or bad times.

Despite being in one family, every family member has their own characteristics; there’s the most serious one, the strict parent, the cool parent, the quietest sibling, the dramatic sibling, and many more characters. But a family will never be complete without a joker member who always makes us laugh out loud with their effortless comical jokes.

In a Filipino family, a joker family member is just a common sight, but for other more conservative culture like Arabs, it seems that every family member are serious and the parents are strict. But one viral video proves that Arab families could also be playful and funny at times.

In the video uploaded by Facebook page “Halal Humour” it shows how three Arab brothers played a prank on their father which ended in the most epic way.

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Apparently, they tried playing the now famous invisible prank wherein they tried to make the victim believe that he actually disappeared in just a snap! For this prank, they chose their elder father as the victim. Sounds interesting right?

During the first part of the video, the siblings of three let their father sit on a chair and used a “magic carpet” to do the supposed invisible trick. Upon lifting down the carpet the three brothers acted surprised as their father disappeared from the chair.

The even took a photo showing that the chair where the father is seated earlier is empty (of course they captured the photo prior to performing the prank). At first, the father seems to buy the prank, he could be seen surprised and almost held a hand on his chest due to his sons’ reactions.

But after a few minutes, he probably felt that his sons are just fooling him, so when his other son tried to pose beside him to take another invisible photo, the father stood up and without thinking twice, he stormed his sons with several hits right on their faces.

The one taking the video could be heard laughing and running to escape from the scolding of their father.


Don't mess with arab parents 😂😂

Posted by Halal Humour on Sunday, September 9, 2018


The said video immediately went viral on social media and gained different reactions from netizens. Read some of their comments below:





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