PANOORIN: Stand-up comedian at audience nito, nag-viral sa social media matapos gawin ang kakaibang act na ito!

Aside from being hardworking, resilient, and family oriented, Filipinos are also known for our natural wit and sense of humor. A family member or a group of friends will never be complete without a resident joker who always makes us laugh out loud with their effortless comical jokes.

This natural sense of humor is evident with the number of famous comedians who always gives us a dose of laughter every now and then; we have the late Comedy King Dolphy, the box-office king Vic Sotto, the unkabogable Vice Ganda, and many more, only goes to show that it is indeed “more fun in the Philippines”.

Aside from movies and TV series, another room for comedians to express their talent and share laughter with other people is the very famous comedy bars. In this kind of bars, you can see talented artists who are not just good at singing and dancing but can also give us a tummy-aching laughter all night.

Just like this video going rounds on social media wherein a stand-up comedian could be seen engaging with an audience who is equally hilarious as him.

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In the 4-minute video, the stand-up comedian could be seen singing Aerosmith’s famous hit song, I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing and as if copying the Philippines’ Song Bird Regine Velasquez’s rendition of it.

Beside him is a male audience wearing casual clothes who gamely stood with him on stage and started acting to the lyrics of the song the comedian is singing.

At first, his actions drew laughter from the audience as they probably did not expect a random audience to participate in a stand-up comedy piece. The guy willingly interpreted each lyric of the song until they reached the chorus part.

But things escalated quickly when the stand-up comedian started taking the drift and letting the male audience imitate what she is doing to him, all this as the comedian continues to hit the high notes of the song.

First, the comedian touched the guy’s nose, then his ears, his arms, and down to his belly which he reciprocated with caressing the same part of the body as the comedian touches.

The audience laugher and cheer grew louder as the two started to sensually touch each other’s private part but in the most humorous way instead of a scandalous way.

Watch the funny video below: (Warning: some part of the video may not be suitable for young audiences)

Rated SPG

Lapptrip si Kuya. Hahaha. 😂😂😂

Posted by Hokage Thoughts on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The video immediately went viral on social media and gained funny reactions from netizens. Read some of their comments below:




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