Amang nasa bilangguan, hanggang sulyap na lamang sa kanyang anak na binawian ng buhay!

There is really nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your loved one gone for good. But it is even harder when you do not have the capacity to even see and touch your loved one for the last time.

Take a look at this viral video posted by a Facebook user named Louren Garcia Vicente.

Vicente was just about to visit someone in the correctional facility where the viral video happened. She did not expect to witness such a heartbreaking scene.

Outside the said correctional facility, a group of people wearing white were gathered around as a white coffin was being carried by several men.

At first, one might think that they were probably just taking that route of some sort before going to the final interment place.

But then, the men approached one of the facility’s wall where a man was seen peeking from a barred window. The people outside were repeatedly saying, “payungan niyo!” as they attempt to open the coffin to the public place.

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As it turned out, the man behind bars was actually the father of the woman lying inside the coffin. Since the father is inside the correctional facility, he was not able to attend the wake of her daughter nor see her before she was completely gone. The only thing he could do is to take a peek at her daughter’s unmoving body.

As soon as the coffin was opened, the father immediately cried his heart out. One could just feel and imagine how hard it is for a parent to not have the capacity to even look at his daughter closely nor touch her for the last time because of the high wall between them.

It was a really heartbreaking moment to witness. Even the people attending the internment could not help but cry at the scene in front of them.

As of writing, the video already has 2.5k likes and reactions from the netizens and 2.2k shares.

Netizens commented and expressed their sympathy towards the grieving father. Some of them got mad because the officials did not even let the man to go outside for a while just to see his daughter for the last time.

Some even stated the fact that if the similar thing happened to a rich detainee, the officials would surely let the person out to attend his loved one’s final rites. But since the man was poor, they did not even bother to open the gates for him even just for a minute.

Some netizens tagged various magazine program in the hopes that the story would get featured.


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Source: Facebook

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