Panibagong pag-atake ng “bukas-kotse” modus, huli sa camera!

If there’s one thing that we are probably not proud of being a Filipino it is the numerous modus operandi happening just about everywhere in the country in the hopes to take advantage of people be it their fellow Filipinos or some tourist from foreign countries.

Just recently, another modus was caught on camera and went viral on social media leading motorists to advise their fellow drivers to always be alert and vigilant even if you feel safe while driving your own car.

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In the video posted by Facebook user Jo Soliman, it shows how a culprit carefully executed his supposed “bukas-kotse” tactics in a vehicle that was stuck in traffic.

In the 21-second video, a guy could be seen roaming around a busy highway and as if inspecting the idled vehicles that are stuck in traffic.

Afterward, he went at the back part of Soliman’s vehicle, checking out if there are any valuable items in the backseat and then attempted to open the back door.

When the driver honked his vehicle’s horn to call out the attention of the culprit, he casually walks away as if nothing happened.

Because of this, Soliman advised his fellow drivers to always make sure their vehicle’s door is locked at all time and be alert to this kind of modus.

Watch the video below:

WARNING TO ALL MOTORISTS!!!Always lock your doors!!!

Posted by Jo Soliman on Monday, September 24, 2018



When the video went viral on social media and reached the attention of the Highway Patrol Group, they said that they are looking into a possibility that these culprits are conniving with spotters who gives them tips on the area where motorists are stuck n traffic and could perform their modus.

Because of this, HPG Chief Sr. Supt. Roberto Fajardo advised the motorists to always be alert and lock their doors whenever traveling.

Fajardo said that in case caught in the same scenario, it would be advisable to create noise by honking your vehicle’s horn in order to attract attention and intimidate the culprits.

“Mag-busina ka, kung armado ‘wag kang titigil, the more na dapat mag-ingay ka kasi pag nag-ingay ka mabubulabog ‘yon so ibig sabihin makaka-attract ka ng attention,” he explained.

Fajardo also advised to immediately call emergency hotlines and do not stop or hopped off from your vehicle until authorities are around.

HPG also advised avoiding leaving your valuable items inside the car and be alert while driving as this kind of modus is expected to heighten especially during Christmas season.



Watch the full report  below:





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