Babae, muntik nang masagasaan ng sasakyan; biglang ganti, binangga ang kotse ng barubal na driver!

One could never really get away with reckless drivers. Despite one’s constant effort to keep oneself safe, one could not really rely on others to do the same to other people. This is the reason why road confrontations and even accidents occur.

But in some cases, a confrontation is not enough to teach a reckless driver a lesson. Just take a look at what this woman did after being almost hit by an outgoing vehicle.

A Facebook page called Philippines CCTV & DASH CAM Spotted posted an amusing video which instantly went viral.

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The video was captioned:

“Yun mga naka 4 wheels medyo barubal mag drive baka makatapat kayo ng ganito, ingat na lang”

The 45-second video showed an encounter between two drivers. The woman, who was supposed to cross the parking lot was almost hit by a reckless driver who was driving his car out of the parking lot. The woman got furious with the driver’s recklessness and did something to him that he very much deserved.

The woman entered her own vehicle and drove it. On the other hand, the other driver stopped for a while at the exit. This gave the woman the advantage to execute her plan.

She drove around the parking lot to where the other car was. As soon as she took the last turn, she intentionally crashed her own vehicle onto the other car with enough force which sent the other car rolling forward. It is still unknown what had happened after the incident.

Netizens had mixed reactions to the video. Some of them said that the driver got what he deserved while some said that the woman’s choice of crashing her own vehicle for revenge is not smart given that she too had to spend money to have the damages in her car repaired.




Source: Showbizread

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