Galawang breezy ni Jollibee sa isang chix, hindi umubra sa sikat na social media star!

We all have different concepts of true love, but the definition boils down to meeting the right one, the one who is destined to be with you for the rest of your life.

In this world with an indefinite number of population, there is also an indefinite number of ways to define true love. We’ve seen so many gestures of love on social media; from grand marriage proposal to the simplest birthday surprise for a partner, all of which surely have melted your heart in one way or another.

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For someone who has experienced to love and be loved, we could all agree to the fact that small gestures of love are often more meaningful and memorable for us. These simple gestures include opening the door for you, texting or calling you first thing in the morning, cooking breakfast, helping you to tie your shoelace, writing short love notes, giving you a back massage, and more.

But what if you saw another guy doing these romantic gestures for your girl, what would you do? Well, for some men they will probably confront or even storm the guy with violence out of jealousy. But what if your rival is the cutest and most adorable “bee” on the planet, how would you step up your game?

Well, take it from this man who caught the adorable Jollibee being smitten and trying to flirt with his girlfriend. In the video posted by social media personality Kimpoy Feliciano, Jollibee could be seen offering a piece of a balloon to a lady who he finds beautiful.

This romantic gesture drew cheers and teasing from the audience as they did not expect that the kiddie-icon could have smooth moves for girls too. In return, the lady offered Jollibee a huge hug to express her gratitude for the sweet gesture.

But instead of confronting and storming Jollibee with violence, Kimpoy took his romantic gesture to the next level and outdid Jollibee’s indication of admiration.

Kimpoy then excused himself to Jollibee and offered the lady tons of balloons which definitely outdid Jollibee’s single piece. His gesture drew louder cheers from the onlookers and definitely made the lady’s smile got wider.





Watch the video below:

When Jollibee is trying to steal your bae!!! 😂😂😂

Posted by Kimpoy Feliciano on Wednesday, September 26, 2018







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