Isang Empleyado, Inilibas Lahat Ng Saloobin Matapos Itong Gawin Sa Kanya Ng Boss Niya Na Talagang Marami Ang Makakarelate

Let’s admit it, we work hard to be able to earn money and provide the needs of our family, however, not all of us are lucky enough to have met a generous, understanding, and considerate employers or bosses who will treat us not just a mere employee but also like a family member.

We all know that there is no such thing as a perfect job or a perfect employer, in the world of employment; it always has to be a win-win situation between the employer and the employee. You apply for a job, perform your given function to contribute to the company’s growth and in return, the company will give your rightful salary and benefits in exchange for your service.

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But nowadays, more and more employees are hopping from one job to another in the hopes to find not just the best kind of work that will fit their personality and skills, but also to gauge whether he/she will be treated fairly by the employer.

Several studies show that aside from salary, workload, and work environment, one of the main reasons why employees resign is their boss. They say that a leader’s attitude towards the workers play a huge role on every employee’s career satisfaction, the way the bosses treat them is the key factor that will make an employee leave or stay loyal in the company. Do you agree?

But not all of us are fortunate enough to find an “almost perfect” as they do not really exist, but in our almost 8 to 10 hours in the office, there are days when you wish you could talk back and argue with your boss especially if he/she is no longer making sense in your life, in your team, and the company.

Just like this viral employee rant video posted by Facebook page VinCentiments as part of their KPL or “Kung Pwede Lang” series, these are series of videos composed of the “what ifs” in different scenarios.

In this 3rd part series, the KPL features an employee who abruptly requested her boss for her to go home early since it is her husband’s birthday and she needs to prepare something for the whole family.

But instead of giving a free day, the boss questioned her sudden request and her real role in the company.

The employee then went on with her straight-forward and fearless rebuttals that every employee could ever think of to slam their rude and inconsiderate boss, a list of argument that every employee wish they could tell straight to their bosses face but could not simply because they are just a rank and file employee who are afraid to lose their jobs.




Watch the epic series below:


KPL 3 | BOSSABOSSA Darryl Yap ShortFilmYOUTUBE LINK: SILA ALIPINHINDI SILA G FORCELIVING THINGS SILAThis is the EMPLOYEES RANTNow, a simple short film shot and edited in 6 hours by SAWAKAS SHORTS and VinCentiments main man Vincent L. AsisThis is SAWAKAS KPL SERIES,giving voices to undeclared rants.Starring Kim MolinaJellai Joenelle Michael D CatindigTEAM | Deric Reign Lopez, Aileen Cuevas-Sanchez Special thanks to Romeo Sanchez for the song "Putangina mo song"#Carbonara #NDRRMC #endoWOW #alipin #LivingThings #Panganay #BWAKAnaBitch #seenzoned #TropicalDepression #allthetime #pamahiin #SAHOD #SahurinNaYanThis is a non profit project.No copyright infringement.

Posted by VinCentiments on Wednesday, September 26, 2018




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